9th Annual Right Care Initiative
Clinical Performance Improvement Leadership Summit

Monday, November 14, 2016 – 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sierra Health Foundation, 1321 Garden Highway, Sacramento, CA 95833

Right Care Initiative Goal: Reducing the interval between scientific advances and practical implementation in high-yield areas to prevent disability and death, with current focus on the prevention and better management of heart attacks, strokes and diabetic complications.
 75 % in good control, or “A Grade” (90th Percentile) HEDIS levels for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, whichever is greater.
Performance Year 2015 priorities:
76% of hypertensive patients with blood pressure (BP) controlled: <140/90 mm Hg
75% of diabetic patients with blood sugar controlled: Hemoglobin A1c <8 (HEDIS Performance year 2015= 67%)
75% of patients with cardiovascular conditions and/or diabetes on intensive statin therapy (proxy, LDL controlled: LDL-C< 100 mg/dL)


Call to Action – Health Disparities in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Care and Outcomes
LaVonna B. Lewis, PhD, MPH
, Teaching Professor, University of Southern California School of Public Policy and co-host of Los Angeles Right Care University of Best Practices (
Presentation) (Video – Part 1)

Proactive Managed Care for Improved Enrollee Outcomes
Shelley Rouillard
, Director, California Department of Managed Health Care (
Video – Part 2)

Sick Spending: Spending Less to Achieve Better Health Outcomes- Rethinking Cardiovascular Care
Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center; former Chief Science Officer, US Agency for Health Research and Quality; Right Care Initiative NIH grant Co-Principal Investigator and Technical Expert Group founding member (book to be released 2017 from Harvard University Press) (
Presentation) (Video – Part 3| Part 4)

Performance Data and Applied Translational Science For Better Patient Outcomes
Stefano M. Bertozzi, MD, PhD, Summit Co-Facilitator; Dean and Professor of Health Policy

& Management, University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health (UCB SPH)
Review of California Managed Care Plan Performance Trends and National Top Performers
Hector P. Rodriguez, PhD, MPH, Professor, Health Policy and Management; and Co-Director,

Center for Health Organizational and Innovation Research (CHOIR); UCB SPH (Presentation) (Video – Part 5)

Resources for Improvement and Implementation Exemplars Speeding Scientific Translation to Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes
Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Director, Stanford University Clinical Excellence Research Center; Medical Director, Pacific Business Group on Health; Right Care Initiative TEG (Presentation) (Video – Part 6)

Stroke Projects Catalyzed in Right Care Summits 2013 & 2014:
Jeff Klingman, MD, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Stroke Innovation Leader and Neurology Chief – Northern California Kaiser Adoption success for improved Stroke Care & Outcomes (
Presentation) (Video – Part 7)
Mary Fermazin, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Health Services Advisory Group (Medicare Quality Improvement Network – Quality Improvement Organization) – CMS Stroke Project (Presentation) (Video – Part 8)

Practice Transformation Technical Support from PBGH and LA Care
(Video – Part 9)
Diane Stewart, MBA, Senior Director, Pacific Business Group on Health; (Presentation)
Trudi Carter, MD, Chief Medical Officer, LA Care, Practice Transformation Network (Presentation)

Improving Diabetes Care: One Local Kaiser’s Improvement Journey
Brian Bronson, MD, Chief of Family Medicine and Physician Director for Outpatient Quality, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group of San Diego (Presentation) (Video – Part 10 | Part 11)

Independent Practice Associations’ Exemplary Programs for Complex High Utilizers with Diabetes and/or Cardiovascular Disease
Adam Solomon, MD, Chief Medical Officer, MemorialCare Medical Foundation

Andrea De Coro, PharmD, Executive Director, Clinical Pharmacy and Performance Improvement, MemorialCare Medical Foundation and its affiliate, Greater Newport Physicians – Pharmacist Role in Team Based Care to Reduce Physician Workload and Improve Outcomes  (Presentation) ( Video – Part 11)

Findings and Lessons in Patient Engagement from Two Large Accountable Care Organizations
Judith Hibbard, DrPH, Research Professor, University of Oregon, (Presentation)
Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, MBA, MPH, Right Care Initiative Technical Expert Group Chairman and Summit Co-Facilitator; Professor and Dean Emeritus UCB SPH; Founder and Co-Director, UCB Center for Health Organizational and Innovation Research (CHOIR) (Presentation)
(Video – Part 12 | Part 13)

Response Panel – Enhancing Patient Engagement Strategies for Better Health Outcomes
(Video – Part 14)
Elizabeth Helms, President and CEO, California Chronic Care Coalition
Ann Lindsay, MD, Director, Stanford Coordinated Care, Clinical Professor of Medicine (Presentation)

University of Best Practices (UBP) & Pilots Catalyzed by Right Care Initiative
Moderators: Robert M. Kaplan, UBP Co-Founder; Chief Science Officer, Stanford University Clinical Excellence Research Center and Hattie Rees Hanley, MPP, Right Care Initiative Director and UBP co-founder, UC Berkeley and DMHC

Right Care Initiative Triangle of Promising Evidence-Based Interventions for Better Outcomes and Econometric Analysis of Right Care Initiative’s 1st University of Best Practices on Emergency Department and Hospitalization Rates for Acute Myocardial Infarctions 
Susan L. Ivey, MD, MHSA, Professor Adjunct, UC Berkeley SPH;
Brent D. Fulton, PhD, MBA, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Health Economics and Policy

University of Best Practices San Diego (Feb. 2011 to Present) (15) Methodical Approach to Create a Heart Attack and Stroke Free Zone through Collaborating across health systems to teach and reach best practices for controlling Blood Pressure, Lipids and Blood Sugar
Parag Agnihotri, MD, Medical Director, Continuum of Care, Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group; co-founder Sacramento Capital Region University of Best Practices; Be There San Diego CMMI grant Health Care Teams Committee Chairman (Presentation) (Video – Part 15)
Allen Fremont, MD, PhD, Natural Scientist & Sociologist & Director, Q-DART Project, RAND; Research and data lead, Be There San Diego (Presentation) (Video – Part 16)

Capital Region Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices (July 2012 to Present)
Jose Alberto Arevalo, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Sutter Independent Practice Association & Right Care UBP Co-Chair Hypertension Algorithm Pocket Cards & Survey Monkey as Management Tool for Improving Hypertension Care (Video – Part 17)

Los Angeles University of Best Practices (April 2013 to present)          
LaVonna B. Lewis, PhD, MPH, Teaching Professor, USC; LA UBP Pilot Catalyzed

Reduce Preventable Readmissions via adding Community Pharmacists to Care Team United Health Plan/ Presbyterian Hospital/ Ralphs Grocery Pharmacies (Video – Part 17)
Rebecca Cupp, RPh, VP of Pharmacy, Ralphs Grocery Company
Jan Hirsch, BS, Pharm, PhD, Associate Professor, Clinical Pharmacy, UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (

CA Network Model Health Plan Strategies for Reaching the National 90th Percentile of Performance for Patients with Heart Disease, Diabetes, and/or Hypertension
(Video – Part 18| Part 19)
Scott Flinn, MD, Blue Shield of California, Medical Director (Presentation)
Greg Buchert, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Centene (Health Net & California Health and Wellness) (Presentation)