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For information and implementation strategies on promising interventions for high quality management of heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention, please see our project briefs under the “Research, Data & Briefs” Tab. Click the triangle to view larger image.

Since 2007, The Right Care Initiative’s goal has been to apply scientific evidence and outcomes improvement strategies to reduce patient morbidity and mortality through a collaborative focus on achieving quality goals where performance metrics indicate that evidence-based, life-saving practices are not fully deployed. Data from the Integrated Health Care Association, the National Committee For Quality Assurance, the federal Agency for Health Care Quality and Research, the Commonwealth Foundation, CMS, and the Centers for Disease Control indicate that approximately 80,000 Californians die yearly from heart attacks, strokes and diabetic complications. Many of these deaths and associated disabilities and health care costs could be prevented with evidence-based patient management, clinical quality improvement and adoption of the latest medical knowledge. Our work is focused in these high-leverage areas of better management of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, with particular emphasis on control of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

The Right Care Initiative, operated by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, was publicly launched with state officials, NCQA and the Deans of UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Public Health in March 2008 at the 1st annual Clinical Quality Improvement Leadership Summit.

The Right Care Initiative’s implementation actions include regular statewide clinical performance improvement summits and cardiovascular disease and diabetes research at UC Berkeley. Since 2011, the Right Care Initiative has founded four regional heart attack, stroke, and diabetes prevention and better management collaboratives, called the University of Best Practices, in San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Our initial University of Best Practices pilot now operates independently as Be There San Diego. Our fourth and most recent regional collaborative University of Best Practices started in November 2018 in Santa Clara County to build on the 22% reduction of heart attacks we have seen with our initial pilot community (see Health Affairs article here).

Since induction, more than a dozen Right Care summits have been held around the state, along with over 200 monthly University of Best Practices. Each Right Care gathering is a collaborative effort, using clinical performance data and best practices, to close the gap between science and practice to improve patient outcomes working with medical directors, pharmacy and quality improvement directors, as well as thought leaders in evidence-based medicine.

Please read about the 22% reduction in Acute Heart Attack hospitalizations in our initial pilot funded by the National Institutes of Health:
View Press Release here.

View University of Best Practices Pilot Project Brief here.

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