Right Care Initiative has had dozens of meetings about better controlling blood pressure. Please see below for resources to help patients achieve excellent blood pressure control.

Blood pressure management is critical for patients to improve their health outcomes. Thanks to innovations in modern medicine and knowledge of the power of specific lifestyle adjustments, we now have the capacity to prevent most heart attacks and strokes. Empowering patients to know their critical biometric numbers for blood pressure (ideally 120/80 or less), cholesterol (LDL less than 100), and blood sugar (A1c less than 8) is now possible with at home monitoring innovations in the last few years. Through optimizing lifestyle and medication management, heart attacks and strokes are now preventable.

Click here to find our Right Care Initiative Know Your Numbers Pledge Card, a practical checklist to optimize your health to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and extend your health span. Please see further practical resources and videos below.

Below are the Blood Pressure Categories according to American Heart Association:

Please see blood pressure tips for patients:

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