Slides & Video for Coronary Artery Calcium 1/2 Day Conference (Past Event)

Event Start Date:
March 29, 2022
Event End Date:
March 29, 2022
Event Venue:
  • Agenda|Bios|Video
  • Welcome & Introduction (Presentation|Video)
    • Hattie Rees Hanley, MPP – Director and Founder, Right Care Initiative, Center for Healthcare Organizational and Innovation Research, UC Berkeley School of Public Health; Founding Member, CDC Hypertension Roundtable
    • Edward M. Yu, MD, CMQ, CPPS, CPE – Co-Chair, Right Care Initiative Bay Area Silicon Valley University of Best Practices; Vice President & Chief Quality Officer, Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • State of the Evidence (Presentation|Video)
    • Lt. Col. Joseph Sky, MD, FACP, FACC – Co-Chair, Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices; Chief of Preventive Cardiology & Deputy Chief of Medical Staff, David Grant Medical Center, US Air Force
    • Travis Harrell, MD, FACP, FACC – Chief of Cardiology, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Active Duty Commander, US Navy Medical Corps
    • Matthew Budoff, MD, FACC, FAHA – Professor of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles; Program Director for Cardiology Fellowship, Director of Cardiac Computed Tomography, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  • Debate Statement: “There is Sufficient Research to Support a Strong Recommendation to Perform Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) for Risk Assessment in Primary Prevention.” (Presentation|Video)
    • Moderator: David Maron, MD, FACP, FACC – C.F. Rehnborg Professor of Medicine; Chief, Stanford Prevention Research Center; Director, Preventive Cardiology, Stanford University School of Medicine
    • Pro: Philip Greenland, MD, FACP, FACC – Harry W. Dingman Professor of Cardiology, Professor of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine; Senior Editor, JAMA; Member, NHLBI Observational Study Monitoring Board for the Framingham Heart Study; Previous Member, Board of External Experts of the NHLBI
    • Con: Robert Kaplan, PhD – Research Director, Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford University; Former Chief Science Officer US HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ); Co-Founder, Right Care Initiative Technical Expert Group; Former Associate Director, National Institutes of Health
  • Discussion Panel and Q & A Moderated by David Maron (Video)
    • Noel Bairey Merz, MD, FACC, FAHA, FESC – Director, Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center; Director, Linda Joy Pollin Women’s Heart Health Program; Director, Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiac Center; Professor, Cardiology, Smidt Heart Institute (5 min)
    • Anthony Demaria, MD, MACC – Founding Co-Chair, Original NHLBI Funded Pilot of Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices (subsequently renamed Be There San Diego); Judith and Jack White Chair in Cardiology and Founding Director, Sulpizio Heart Institute, UC San Diego School of Medicine (5 min)
    • William J. Bommer, MD, FACP, FACC – Statewide Chairman, Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices; Specialty Delegate, CA American College of Cardiology and CA Medical Association; Director, California ePCI Program; Director, Prevention Forward Program & Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Univ. of California, Davis; Chairman, California Department of Public Health’s 2022 CVD Master Plan Steering Committee (5 min)
    • Travis Harrell, MD, FACP, FACC
    • Matthew Budoff, MD, FACC, FAHA
    • Philip Greenland, MD, FACP, FACC
    • Robert M. Kaplan, PhD
    • Joseph Sky, MD, FACP, FACC