Research, Data & Briefs

Research, Data & Briefs | Right Care Initiative

Full Brief Packet (Updated 8.29.19)

Two Page Project Brief Including Promising Interventions, Key Partners and Research Teams 

Right Care Initiative Project Brief (Updated 8.29.19)

California Health Plan and Medical Group Performance Data

California Health Plan Performance Data – 2018~2019 Edition (Updated 12.6.18)

Sacramento Medical Group Performance Data – 2018~2019 Edition (Updated 4.15.19)

Santa Clara County Medical Group Performance Data – 2018-2019 Edition (Updated 4.15.19)

West Los Angeles Medical Group Performance Data – 2018~2019 Edition (Updated 4.15.19)

University of Best Practices Briefs

Right Care Initiative Demonstration Brief in San Diego (Updated 6.3.19)

University of Best Practices Project Brief (Updated 02.18.17)

Sacramento- Heart Attack, Stroke, and Diabetes Statistics Brief (Updated 5.24.19)

Sacramento – Cardiovascular Hotspot Analysis (Supplemental Presentation)

Los Angeles – Cardiovascular Hotspot Analysis (Supplemental Presentation)

Promising Interventions

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Brief  (Update Pending)

Cardioprotective Medication Bundle Brief

Pharmacist on the Care Team Brief (Updated 5.25.18)

Activated Patients Brief

Peer-reviewed Publications

Rodriguez H, Ivey S, et al. As Good as It Gets? Managing Risks of Cardiovascular Disease in California’s Top-Performing Physician Organizations. Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. 2014; 40(4): 148-158.

Fulton B, Ivey S, et al. Countywide Physician Organization Learning Collaborative and Changes in Hospitalization Rates. American Journal of Managed Care. 2017;23(10):596-603.

Fremont, A, Kim, A, Bailey, K, Hanley, H, Thorne, C, Dudl, J, Kaplan, R, Shortell, SM, DeMaria, A. One In Five Fewer Heart Attacks: Impact, Savings, And Sustainability In San Diego County Collaborative. Health Affairs 2018; 37(9):1457-1465.

Right Care Team Research and Writing Underway

Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease

Coronary Artery Calcification Screening for Cardiovascular Disease

Recommended Lifestyle Changes for Hypertension Management 2017