CME Directions

We are now using a new platform to collect CME certificates from past Right Care Initiative meetings. You are now able to collect your certificates 1-2 weeks after each session and at your own convenience. They can be accessed via the USC Cloud CME platform: Click “Sign In” and then “Sign in with Email Address and Password” (NOTE: If you are a USC employee you can select the “Sign in with USC Username and Password” option) and then if it is your first time logging in click “Forgot Password” to have it reset. NOTE: Make sure to use the email address that you use to complete the Survey Monkey virtual sign in sheet during each Right Care Initiative meeting. Then you will receive an email to reset your password so that you can go back to the homepage and sign in. Once signed in, click on “My CME” then “Transcript” and you will see a list of every Right Care Initiative meeting you’ve attended (and signed the virtual sign in sheet for) since July 2021. If you have any issues accessing your account, please email

Check Out these 2 Free Modules of CME:

Finding and Treating Undiagnosed Hypertension Hiding in Plain Sight

This online training module, created through a partnership between the USC Gehr Center for Health Systems Science and Innovation, and The Right Care Initiative, will introduce the importance of identifying patients with undiagnosed hypertension and how the use of electronic health records can assist health care professionals in identifying and managing patients in their practice whose high blood pressure (greater than 140/90 mmHg) has gone undiagnosed. Participants will learn of the health risk associated with this population and steps health systems can take to identify patients with undiagnosed hypertension, a population hiding in plain sight. Participants will also be introduced to resources and opportunities, such as those from the Million Hearts campaign and the American Heart Association, to identify their patients hiding in plain sight.

Improving Hypertension Control Through Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring with Pharmacists Titrating Medications According Collaborative Orders

This online training module created through a partnership between the USC Gehr Center for Health Systems Science and Innovation and The Right Care Initiative, will highlight a real world effective example of better care management through utilizing team-based care, specifically adding a pharmacist to the care team, to manage uncontrolled hypertension. Participants will hear from Drs. Margolis and Rehrauer from HealthPartners Institute on the work they’ve been doing with project HyperLink where they have utilized both telemonitoring and including a pharmacist on the care team. This ground breaking work was highlighted in the Journal of the Medical Association July 3, 2013 Edition as being the model to emulate for taking hypertension care into the modern age for better patient outcomes.