Right Care Co-Founders

Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, MBA, MPH
Chairman, Right Care Technical Expert Group; Blue Cross of California Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Management; Founding Director, Center for Healthcare Organizational and Innovation Research (CHOIR); Dean Emeritus, School of Public Health; Professor of Organization Behavior, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Hattie Rees Hanley, MPP
Director, Right Care Initiative, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Center for Health Outcomes and Innovation Research

Parag Agnihotri, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Population Health Services, UC San Diego Health; Co-Founder, Capital Region University of Best Practices

José A. Arévalo, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Sutter Independent Physicians; Co-Founder & Former Chairman, Right Care Initiative Capital Region University of Best Practices

Warren Barnes, JD, M.Div.
Former Chief Lawyer, California Department of Managed Health Care; Co-Author, Patient Bill of Rights; Minister and Co-Founder, Right Care Initiative

Anthony N. DeMaria, MD, MACC
Judith and Jack White Chair in Cardiology, UC San Diego School of Medicine; Be There San Diego Co-Founder and Chairman; Former Co-chair Right Care University of Best Practices, San Diego

Scott Flinn, MD
Co-Founder, Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices; Regional Medical Director, Blue Shield of California; Former US Navy Undersea Medical Officer with Navy Seals

Allen Fremont, MD
Right Care Technical Expert Group 2008-2020; Co-Principal Investigator and Data Lead, Right Care-NHLBI (2009-2012); Former Physician Policy Researcher and Director, RAND Q-DART Project, RAND Corporation

Helen Halpin, ScM, PhD

Professor Emerita and Former Director, Center for Health and Public Policy Studies, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Robert Kaplan, PhD
Research Director, Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford University; Former Chief Science Officer US HHS AHRQ; Right Care Initiative Technical Expert Group; Former Associate Director, National Institutes of Health

Arnold Milstein, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine and Director, Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford University; Medical Director, Pacific Business Group on Health

Jerry Penso, MD, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer, AMGA (formerly the American Medical Group Association); Co-Founder, Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices

Last Updated: October 15th, 2020